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Near Zargata Bridge. As Sulemanyah, Iraq.

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We are working in the field of electricity (High Voltage, Low Voltage), We have the factory for the manufacture of electrical panels and Kiosk and we work in the field of fire alarm and we have a team specialized in electric...

Rak Company

Rak Group Companies has founded in 2005, is located in Sulemanyah on an area of 18,000m2, out of which 7000 m2 is covered with our industrial facilities.

Rak Factory

Rak Factory has founded in 2006, is located in Sulemanyah – Tanjaro on an area of 8000m2,out of which 3000 m2 is covered with our industrial facilities.

Rak IT

Rak IT Company is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm specializing in the design of integrated building systems for commercial, industrial...


Aiditec Systems is born from a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the field of lightning protection and the surges that these...


Since 1995 UniPOS is a designer and manufacturer of fire alarm equipment. The first step – establishment of the private company is followed by sig...

Other Agencies

We have some other agencies in Iraq like AidiTec Systems, AMC Elettronica, KTS Cable, Olympia Electronics, GE L.V. Products, Alkan, Oznur, GD, UniPos...

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