Rak IT Iran

AMC company was founded in 1974 in Milan, Italy. Today, AMC has international extensive distribution network, including a full range of excellent products, “Made in Italy” and especially with attention to detail when designing products. The company has laboratories and a fully automatic production line for the production of electronic boards with SMT technology. The company has very strong R & D department that possibility to design and production of all products (hardware and software) completely done by the company itself, and the company’s products strictly in accordance with consumer needs. also the company’s products are certified by EN-50131 and EN-50136. Because of the control and test every single product, AMC is able to guarantee that their products between 2 to 10 years. Rak group is the exclusive agent of AMC company in Iran and Iraq, and office in Iran under the name of AMCIran are working with using modern knowledge of marketing, sales and innovative in services to our customers. our goal this is to provide the most professional and the newest part of the security systems market that products with unique features and is according to customer requirements. We are very proud that the products that we supply to customers are passed All standard and technical tests and have received international approvals. our support plan of customers are include Procurement and supply the user and installation manual of control panel and Software in persian language and also provide assistance to clients in matters relating to the products.


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